Overview of Brickout

Brickout is a classic brick-breaking game with several modern features. The game features 17 fun powerups, multiball mode, and a classic arcade mode that can change any standard levelset into a 1980’s style brick-breaking fest. The built-in level editor lets you create your own levels. You can create level sets to share with your friends, and you can test out new ideas and strategies there as well. The level editor comes packaged with 300 high-quality bricks to play with, but you can create your own bricks and use them as well. Please see the section titled “Creating Custom Blocks” for more information on making new bricks.

  • 100 levels, broken into several level sets of varying difficulty
  • 17 exciting powerups, including earthquakes, ballsplosions, and more.
  • Classic mode, which allows you to play levelsets with no powerups and 80’s style graphics
  • Fissionball---a unique multiball mode where your ball keeps splitting every time it hits a brick. You can have up to 16 balls on the screen at once.
  • Skill bonuses---If you finish a level with the same amount of lives that you started with, you get a skill bonus on the next level. You start the next level with up to 5 balls in Fissionball mode.
  • 3 difficulty settings---the Easy setting is geared towards small children, while the hard setting will challenge the best brick breakers.
  • Full level editor, with 300 bricks and access to all of Brickout’s features. Once you create a level set, you can upload it to our website from within Brickout.
  • Free levelsets will appear on the Delsyd website from time to time.
  • High score tracking for Standard and Classic mode games.
  • Autosaving---If you press escape to leave a game, your progress is automatically saved. When you start up Brickout again, can click Continue and carry on with your last game.
  • HDTV support---Brickout supports all of the most popular screen resolutions, as well as most widescreen modes.
  • Highly optimized OpenGL-based game engine, which runs smoothly on any machine with OpenGL support
  • A 20+ minute Ambient Techno soundtrack provided by MassiveTracks.net
  • A built in music player which supports just about every music format you can name
  • Full 3d surround sound support provided by Firelight's FMODex sound and music playback system.

System Requirements:
Windows 98/2000/XP
400mhz PII or higher
256mb ram
Sound card
32mb OpenGL-compliant 3D card
90mb of free storage space

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